About Us

DiscipleConnect, a leader in faith community networks, has continued to gain acceptance across America. With its first installation in 2004, DiscipleConnect is America's fastest growing online solution for churches and religious organizations. Driven by people's needs rather than technology, DiscipleConnect continues to lead the connectivity revolution through continual enhancements, exciting new product features, and more user-friendly applications.

There are several common features to selecting a faith community network, such as:

  • A desire to connect with others.
  • Convenience or location.
  • A sense of place or exclusivity.
  • A sense of security.

By focusing on specific needs of the faith community, DiscipleConnect complements the community just as a church facility complements the members.

A Name You Can Trust

As an industry leader with a proven multi year track record of meaningful enhancements, DiscipleConnect is continually upgraded and enhanced. To insure that the improvements are relevant to the end user, we begin each development cycle with a review of ongoing input from our customers as well as a administrator phone surveys. Current technology trends, church development and user management needs are also analyzed in order to assure that DiscipleConnect exceeds our customers' expectations.

Enhancements may be totally new features or improvements to current features. In many cases, the change may not even be visible to the user but may increase speed and stability of the application. With DiscipleConnect, you can rest assured that your faith community will continue to enjoy the benefits of leading edge technology.