Key Drivers

Imagine your church as a faith community where all the believers connect with one another and your ministries in a powerful and energizing manner. Imagine lay leaders and clergy and staff unleashing the power of the laity to fuel the ministries your church has been called to. Picture a healthy body of Christ that, through efficient communication and celebration, thrives as an effective, vital and joy filled family.

With years of experience in connecting communities, we created America's original dependable, replicable, fully supported and affordable community network solution for residential communities. Driven by the mission and the needs of church members not by the technology itself, DiscipleConnect allows members of faith communities to enrich their lives through the internet.

A Class By Itself

DiscipleConnect speaks directly to the key intellectual and emotional drivers behind the choice to be a part of a church family.

  • Shared Faith Objectives
  • Desire to Grow Spiritually
  • Social Connectivity


  • Seeking to be Filled
  • Seeking to Serve

With DiscipleConnect, we have revolutionized the way members of a church family communicate with each other as well as innovated new ways of communicating between spiritual and lay leadership and their church family. It provides meaningful social connectivity, which enhances the faith community's social fabric and a real sense of belonging.

DiscipleConnect minimizes expense as well as time and effort of staff that regularly communicate with the membership. It offers the opportunity of cost savings by automating tasks that in the past were performed on paper. It can also provide a variety of potential revenue sources for your church.

A faith community utilizing DiscipleConnect, will simply connect differently.

We think you will agree; it will connect more effectively.