DiscipleConnect's core objective is to connect people. The underlying architecture is designed to provide the highest level of quality and service for the users. Built around industry standard platforms, DiscipleConnect provides users with a highly stable and secure environment to connect with their community. With the goal a consistent and reliable community network solution, we have implemented a system architecture that is both robust and scaleable. DiscipleConnect uses industry leading standard technologies capable of scaling to handle the demand of the largest communities.

Change is the only constant in technology. Flexibility in technology choices allows us the opportunity to optimize DiscipleConnect by continually assessing available tools and choosing the ones that offer the greatest current benefit to the end user. In order to remain agile, we strive to minimize dependencies on inflexible core technologies or those that do not maintain their leading edge position over time.

DiscipleConnect is implemented on top of ColdFusion Markup Language, and powered by Lucee, an open-source ColdFusion engine. This allows DiscipleConnect to realize the benefits associated with CFML and Java platforms. These technologies allow DiscipleConnect to easily scale and provide cutting edge technology to its users.

The different elements of the system are implemented as individual components. By compartmentalizing the various components of the system further promotes the growth of DiscipleConnect and makes the platform reliable, even under the stresses of the constantly changing technology. Using a component-oriented architecture allows for greater system cohesion as well as less interdependency among the various system components. Component oriented architecture is one of the key ways DiscipleConnect can implement a reliable and secure system in a Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment, which means greater innovation delivering meaningful benefit to the end users.